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DermaTend is the most popular skin tag removal product in our database, and is used by over 80% of our purchasing users from our comparison site. However, DermaTend is not available in stores in Mexico. To buy DermaTend in Mexico, go directly to the removal cream's Website at and order the product online. DermaTend can be purchased online from Mexico and shipped to Mexico for just US$51.94, or around MXN 700.34*)(using the MXN/USD rate of 13.4835) including shipping costs to Mexico.

Shipping Costs to Mexico: US$11.99 (est. MXN 161.67*) (for 1 tube)

Total Cost inc. Shipping to Mexico: US$51.94, or around MXN 700.34*)(using the MXN/USD rate of 13.4835) (for 1 tube)

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Cream Website:

Cream Manufacturer:
Solace International, Inc
1055 W. Moana Ln. Ste. 202
Reno, AL 89509

Single Tube Info

US$39.95 (MXN 538.67*)
Delivery cost:
US$11.99 (MXN 161.67*)
Total Cost:
US$51.94 (MXN 700.34*)
Product Information:

DermaTend is a very popular product, with over 80% of our purchasing visitors choosing DermaTend over the other creams, so you know you're buying a well-tested product! DermaTend uses a natural, herbal formula, and is an effective skin tag removal cream. The cream works to remove skin tags from within three days. With prices starting from just $39.95 (plus postage), DermaTend is one of the cheaper skin tag removal creams available.

DermaTend is guaranteed to remove your skin tags or you get your money back. Our review of its money back guarantee showed it to be one of the best of all cream manufacturers, as a 60-day no questions asked guarantee. DermaTend ships internationally and has very reasonable shipping costs for both US domestic and international shipping.

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This site was last updated on 4 October 2014.

* DermaTend is sold in US Dollars. For the purposes of assisting users to estimate the price in their local currency, we have provided estimated conversions on 3 October 2014 of 13.4835 (rounded). The actual price in MXN may be different.

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